不聞不若聞之聞之不若見之見之不若知之知之不若行之。」 -- 《荀子·儒效》

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ELEC2300 Computer Organization (since 2008)

ELEC2300What is a “computer”? You may be surprised by the answer after taking this course. As the corner stone of the Information Age, computers in all forms are essential to our private lives as well as social and economic activities.

In this course, we will discuss many key concepts used in modern computers and learn the typical computer architecture design method. The course highlights the tight collaborations between hardware and software which defines modern computer systems. Other topics covered include instruction set architecture, assembly programming, computer arithmetic, computer performance evaluation, single-cycle processor architecture, multi-cycle pipelined processor architecture, memory system, and interconnection and I/Os.

Course website is on Canvas.

ELEC4310 Embedded System Design (since 2007)

ELEC4310Embedded systems are ubiquitous, and they are widely used in many products, such as consumer electronics, medical equipment, automobiles, aircrafts, and communication systems. Embedded systems have greatly enriched our life and extent our abilities. For example, the fuel efficiency of today’s cars would be far lower if they did not use embedded systems. It is predicted that there will be 40 billion embedded systems in the world by 2020.

In this course, we will learn a few important concepts and design practices of embedded systems. We will see how a complex embedded system can be systematically developed as a union of software and hardware. The course will cover several fundamental topics, such as design targets, hardware/software co-design methodology, common design techniques,  processors, architectures, and physical implementations. It will also cover several advanced topics, such as behavioral modeling, low-power techniques, and systems-on-chip.

This course may be useful, if you will look for a job in not only research and development, but also business consulting companies, patent law firms, investment banks, and sale/marketing departments because of the significant market share and strong business development of embedded systems.

Course website is on Canvas.