Big Data System Lab & OPTICS Lab

We are living in the Information Age. Many human activities are fundamentally changed by Information Freedom that everyone can gather, access, store, process, and share information anytime and anywhere. Information is any knowledge, and one possible method to represent information is by data which are quantities with or without natural physical meanings.

People are constantly looking for better ways to harness big data enabled by Information Freedom. Big data systems in all forms are more popular now than ever before, and are widely used in all walks of life. IoT devices and mobile terminals, such as sensors nodes, cell phones, and tablets, offer a compact, customized, and intuitive form factor to use information anywhere and anytime. Big data system infrastructures such as data centers, data networks, and wireless access networks, are offering essential services to big data applications. In the coming years, IoT, machine learning, and cloud computing, will drive the technology development of big data systems. The extremely high-growth markets of China are fueling rapid technology adoptions and eventually promote as well as capitalize domestic innovations.

Research Projects

We released several tools for heterogeneous multiprocessor system research and development.

JADE Fast Multiprocessor Exploration Environment
COSMIC Statistical Multiprocessor Benchmark Suite
PowerSoC Power Delivery System Exploration Platform
MCSL Realistic Network-on-Chip Traffic Patterns

We released several tools for optical interconnection network research and development.

BOSIM Photonic Device Model and Simulator
OTemp Optical Thermal Effect Analysis Platform
CLAP Optical Crosstalk and Loss Analysis Platform
OEIL OE Interface & Link Exploration Environment

We maintain a bibliography on inter/intra-chip optical interconnect network.

Inter/Intra-Chip Optical Network Bibliography

Group Members

We are always looking for bright minds to join BDSL. You will find more information here.